Massive Bench affected water. Simply wipe with a cloth if any spillage. Also on the proposed special oil, your countertop wine, beer, fruit juice, milk and protects against plaster does not stain.

You are lubricated with water resistant wood kitchen countertops a special oil. This oil protects the wood but not affected by the hot and cold differences crack. So if you put hot pots on your wooden kitchen worktop oil, the tree will protect a certain time.

Wooden Kitchen Countertop

Do not harbor germs wooden bench. Enzymes in the wood, kills bacteria or germs entering the pores of the wood. Because Wood never die, over the years continues to impact the enzyme.

Wooden Bathroom Countertop

Massive bathroom stalls affected water. Simply wipe with a cloth if spilled on water. We also put on a special fat, protects against plaster and does not stain your countertop.

Wooden Table

We produce tables of solid panels, home, Cafe, Bar, will be an important detail for your Restaurant decoration.